Karl Schreiner Apps

Chess for All 1.46
Play chess against an engine or use theprogram as a PGN editor/-viewer.Engine Play: This program is using a chess engine as a service.Please download an engine from the "Google Play Store" for playingagainst an engine. The following engines are supported:* Stockfish Chess* Chess Engines"Chess for All" features:* play against an engine* support of two chess engines* automatic engine play* analyze mode* show engine thinking* polyglot opening book* two player mode* load/save/edit games* delete PGN-files* edit PGN tags* own PGN database with search for player, event and opening* PGN download (web)* clipboard: copy/paste* PGN-Viewer* graphical setup board* four different chess board and pieces* time control(game clock, move time, sand glass)* one touch moves* undo moves* full Chess960 support* sound effects* option to keep the screen on while playing* enable/disable status bar* user manual (web)* free, GPLv3Please contact the developer if you have questions or issues,before rating the app low. With an e-mail you can reach thedevelopers directly: select "Menu", "About" and "Contact".
Stockfish Chess 1.18
"Stockfish Chess" is an Androidportofthefamous chess engine "Stockfish 7".You need a graphical user interface forplayingagainstthisengine.Please download the application "Chess for All"from"GooglePlayStore".
Chess Engines 1.11
"Chess Engines" supports the"UniversalChessInterface" protocol (UCI).Short description:* install/uninstall compiled engines* import an installed engine* display UCI-Options* engine list* option: setting for playing strength(is not supportedonallengines)IMPORTANT NOTE:You need a graphical user interface for playingagainstthisengines.Please download the application "Chess for All" from the"GooglePlayStore".
Chess for All ONLINE 1.33
features:* play online at freechess.org* view and edit games* save, load and delete files* PGN-Format* full Chess960 support* sound effects* free softwareSource code is available from my homepage.Please contact the developer if you have questions or issues,before rating the app low.With an e-mail you can reach the developers directly: select"Menu", "About" and "Contact".
Escalero 1.7
Escalero is a dice game inspired from the cardgame poker.Game features:* play against the computer* single / double* two / three players* manual input / automatic dice operation* dice design: easy / classic (poker)* display: column / Player* variable setting of values (points, unit, Bonus)* totals sum or difference calculation* accounting* flip the screenThis game is for entertainment only, that is it does not provide"real-money gambling" or the chance to win real money orprizes.