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Highway Stunt Bike Riders VR 1.7
Presenting updated VR version of Highway StuntBike Rider... now enjoy the bike racing stunts in Virtual Realityusing Google Cardboard glasses. Free your hands now.... just wearthe Google glasses and play game.Highway Stunt Bike Rider VR is a fast paced bike racing game in 3D.In which, you being daring and passing cars closely, and makingstunts with your motorcycle by increasing speed for getting scores& cash. Be careful with your maneuvering though, crashing intocars will hurt!You never dare a bike race so fast in the real world! Controlyour motorcycle with incredible fast speed during traffic rushtime!How to Play- Select your bike ride from Super bikes or Choppers- Set your phone in Google Cardboard- Tilt head to Steer your Motorcycle left or right- Look down for Speed booster- Look up to make stunts- Look left to punch the opponent bikers- Look right to Kick the opponent bikers- Spend your cash for unlocking new bikes- Challenge your friends for the Ultimate bike race experienceGame Features- A collection of 10 awesome Super Bikes & Choppers- Full 3D view- Make stunts to earn cash- Drive close to Cars to earn cash- Smooth controls- Excellent sounds & graphics- An exciting bike race & stunts experience in VREnjoy exciting highway bike racing with realistic motorcyclephysics and amazing graphics that are perfectly optimized for 3Dhigh-resolution devices.For more information regarding Google Cardboard VRGlasses...please visit:
Dino Tours VR 1.7
Have you ever wondered to meet dinosaurinreallife? Do you want to see how they move? Do you want toseetheretypes?Here comes a special VR package for you... the ultimatedinotourexperience of Dino world in Virtual Reality...usingGoogleCardboard glassesModes of View:1- Simple Mode - By selecting Simple view the usereasilytouchscreen to view around... tap button to move orstop2- VR Mode - By selecting VR Mode ... user can nowexperiencethebest VR demo using VR headsetHow to set things for VR:+ Play the demo on your smartphone+ Put the Smartphone in Google cardboard glasses housing+ Align your phone in center+ Check for blurriness... rotate lens for proper focus+ Wear your Google glasses and enjoy the dino virtual worldtourMovement Controls For VR:+ Move around physically to explore the dino tour+ Movement is simple, just look in the direction you want tomoveandyou will automatically walk that way. You have complete360degreesof vision and you are free to explore the tour. Give itatry, it isyour call!+ To walk just look down (for 5 to 10 seconds) as youlookingyourfeet... the red indicator changes to green ... and youare freetowalk any where+ And like wise if you want to stop ... just look down again for5to10 seconds... the green indicator changes and you arestoppednow....explore complete 360 while you are standingidle...Explore following dinosaurs+ Apatosaurus (The largest dinosaur)+ Pteranodon (The flying dinosaur)+ Spinosaurus+ Stegosaurus+ Triceratops+ VelociraptorKEY FEATURES:+ Amazingly detailed 3D dino environment+ Realistic Dinosaur sounds+ Explore your favorite dinosaurs in thisbreathtakingsafaritour+ Easy controls, simply look where you want to go+ Unique virtual reality (VR) theme park simulator+ Compatible with virtual reality glasses such asGoogleCardboardVR+ Crisp, Cinema like, HD visuals+ Developed for high end phones which have Gyro SensorFor more information regarding GoogleCardboardVRGlasses...please visit:
9Ball Pool 3D 1.3
Let's Play "9Ball Pool" game in full 3denvironment with 3d physics. One of the most realistic and playablepool billiard games you have ever played.Game Play Modes:This unique billiard game offers two game play modes:Beat the Clock: in this mode you have to pot all the balls in giventime.Two Player or Multi-Player Mode: You can play 9Ball Pool with yourfriends with standard 9Ball rules.Game Play:- Set cue ball in D when potted- Swipe screen up & down to adjust your view on table beforeplaying shot- Set ball movement right, left, top & bottom for spining ballaccordingly- When player 1 completes his shots then player 2 turns comes- Use chalk on stick for playing proper shots- Play with your friend on same device- Standard 9Ball rules applyGame Features:- Play live with your friends- Full High quality 3D environments- Full Billiard game physics applies- 2 Camera modes: Ariel & 3D modeFeels like playing 9Ball Pool in a room. immature players canlearn & play for fun, but experts can challenge there friendsto play game professionally.Let's Play Ball Pool in 3D, become a master, and become 9Ball PoolMaster.
Professional Golf Play 3D 1.6
Introducing Professional Golf Play 3D,featuring realistic graphics & animations, golfing techniquesand real game physics. Play this Golf 3D in realistic Golf coursesto become Golf Champion..Play shot with touch (to power)-and-swipe (to play shot) mechanicand shot-shaping controls. Play complete 9 holes with internationalPAR Scoring System.Including selection of Players, Golf Courses including mini golfcourse, and Golf Gears. Enjoy your play with real-time weatherselection option including Sunny Day, Cloudy Weather & RainyDay...Become a real golf star... best of luck to your playHow To Play:- Select Golf Player- Customize your Golf Player by selecting colors of Cap, Shirts,Pants & Shoes- Select Golf Course & mini Golf Courses- Select Weather from Sunny, Cloudy & Rainy- Select Golf Gear- By powering the shot by touch and hold the button ... on releasethe golfer flick golf ball in direction of the hole- Be-aware... from wind factor & water pond as gameobstaclesGame Features:- Excellent Game Graphics- Realistic Game-play Physics- Real-time weather effects- The lush 3D visuals are great on the eye- Female commentary- Real International Par Play Scoring- User friendly navigation- Flick golf ball to hit shot- FREE to play- Become a real golf champion & golf star!Let's play this exciting real Golf 3D, to become a Golf master,a golf Star and a real golf 3D Champion.
VR Forest Animals Adventure 1.3
If you have a craze to visit thejungleanimals,No need to go to zoo for it. Because therearerestrictions to gonear to wild animals, but in virtualrealitybased tour you canfulfill your dream like a real.We Know, you love Animals….Have you ever imagined to visitofForest….A Zoological Park…. and to visit your favoriteanimals,beasts,birds etc. If you want to Visit a zoo in realJungleenvironmentthen download this free simulation.This simulation is of a great educational value for allpersonsandespecially for the children. In this simulation, youwillvisitLion, Wolf, Bear, Boar, Rabbit, Fox, Stag,Elephant,Rhinoceros,Zebra, Crow, Duck, Eagle, Pigeon, Sparrow.Visit theseanimals,birds in real time using VR Glasses.How to Play:- You should have gyroscopic smart phone for it.- Slide your device into VR glasses- Use revolving chair or stand in open place.- You are free to move forward/backward and left/rightjustrotatingon your axis- Also visualize up/down view- Look between your feet to walk/stopFeatures:- Virtual reality based 3d environment- Gyro-meter based 360 degree rotation- High Resolution realistic graphics- Lot of Animals- Beautiful dynamic jungle environment
Clash of the Robots 3D 1.5
Ladies & Gentlemen introducing to you arobot... the super hero... the people's champ "SAM". He is ultimaterobot fighter and is favourite among most robot fight lovers. Inthe game... he will be battling with most dangerous opponents ofhis kind.His opponents may vary in power & actions... whichincludes1- ASH - King of Comic Books2- YOD - The Extreme Warrior3- PLEX - The Genius Hacker4- MR.ZED - The Ultimate Fighter5- SOLO - The Fearless Fighter6- B.BEE - The Ruthless KillerThe bots will be fighting in different venues like:1- Scifi - Lab2- Scrap Yard3- Around the City4- Crash Site5- Street Fight6- In the RingsHow to Play:- Colour up SAM's attire from the colour pallets- Select the opponent robots- Each robot have different powers, Hydraulics, Chip-set- In game play... there is power bar displaying Bots power- And power bar .. will be used as super combo when power barfills- The action buttons are on right includes: front punch, roundpunch, kick straight, flying kick, block, power button for powercombo action- The movement joystick buttons are on left- The action buttons with navigation buttons will give differentactions.Make Video & Share (New Feature)Now you can make videos of your play... and upload to EveryPlaywebsite...Also Share your video on Facebook & YouTubeGame Features- Excellent Graphics- Announcer introduces the robot before fight- Fight will be within 7 bots- Quality Sounds- Fight on different venues- Smooth & friendly navigation- All live 3D menusThe players with his robot will fight with powerful titanstowering over 8 to 9 feet tall and weighing in over 1500 + pounds.Player will fight to prove that SAM is actually a People's Champ.The Clash of Robots features rich game-play and high replay values.And we hope that the game will loved by all.
Commando Killer Strike 1.4
As an army commando, you have been assigned a mission by armygeneral officer to clear the base camps from enemies. Jump from theheli into the enemy base camp. Kill the enemies hidden at differentcheck points by using your commando skills.You can use machine gun. After killing 6 to 7 enemies, grenade isgiven as a reward. After successfully clearing all checkpoints,your mission is completed and you will find a map of other basecamps that are occupied by enemies, and that will be your nextmission.How to Play:- Touch the screen to target enemies.- Tap Fire button to kill the enemies.- For enemies at far distance, use the telescope for snipershoot.- Tap Grenade button for massive explosion and kill enemies.Features:- Third person shooting- Realistic 3D graphics- Excellent environments- Easy GUI and controls- Multi-touch enabled
Hong Kong Gang Fight 1.7
Hong Kong Gang Fight offers everything afighting game should. Its streamlined game-play means thatbeginners can dive right into the game, while veterans can spendcountless hours mastering the finer mechanics of the sophisticatedfighting system.Eric, a real gangster of Hong Kong crime town, and desperatelywant to leave his gang, but the gang lords of gangster city hasother ideas. Eric need to fight for his life with his specialmortal combat fighting skills, should be prepared for the deadlyfight. His life could end soon if he makes any wrong move.For each Eric's fight you will feel like a new experience and areal street fighting. New and improved game mechanics addcomplexity to this button mashing classic fighting game. Thecontrols are smooth and easy to use, but there is still plenty ofdepth to the combat system. The game puts the player into theposition of Eric, our hero who is now a master with a large amountof combat skills at his disposal. The graphics are anime styled andvery beautiful. The simplicity and uniqueness of this game standout further than anything else except for the combat. Combat inHong Kong Gang Fight is quick, intense and total fun. Players canpull off constant brutal attacks causing intense damage to theirenemies.Game play:- Use Joy-Stick to move- Touch screen to change camera view- Tap buttons to punch, kick & special moveGame Features:- Knock enemies down with protean attack.- Sensitive and special 3D fighting control system- Sophisticated 3D characters and large scenes!- Added levels to make game more interesting- Smooth and intense motion! You can use punching, kicking,catching etc... use everything to defend yourself in the brawl onthe street- Experience an array of game play modes, new features and newenvironments that heighten the fighting intensity- Savor the realism of bone-jarring punches and gut-wrenchinggrapples as the fight comes to life around you in dazzling 3Dgraphics- The game’s interface is very simple and the great graphicscomplement it.
3D White House Gallery VR 1.2
Witness the Picture Frames of all USPresidents till date with there proper Names, Date of Birth, Whenthey took & left Presidential office...and from which partythey belong... also the transportation they use... and thereresident & workplace "The White House" Model view with UnitedStates National Anthem. View all these in this special Museum in VRgallery.Compatible with virtual reality glasses such as Google CardboardVR, Samsung Galaxy S5, LG, Google Nexus and all other VR supporteddevices.
Real Dinosaur RollerCoaster VR 1.8
Real Dinosaur Roller Coaster VR is not aboutshooting or hunting dinosaurs - it's a free-to-view VR simulator.It combines the terrifying sights of real dinosaurs with the thrillof a Real Roller Coaster Simulator.Take a thrilling deadly ride through the mountains, and go throughthe various areas where dinosaurs roam about freely in this virtualworld of Jurassics.✔ New Rollercoaster Carts addedThree more Roller Coaster carts are added, that will completelychange your rollercoaster virtual experience.✔ Go at Blistering SpeedsEnjoy the experience of a Real Roller Coaster VR over the hillypark.Embrace yourself for an interesting and thrilling amusementrollercoaster simulation ride in a big dinosaur infestedenvironment park.Choose your favorite cart from the in-game store and customize yourexperience. Each cart has its own design and view model to give youa different experience every time you want a ride!✔ Real Roller Coaster in a Real Dinosaur LandThe Real Dinosaur Rollercoaster VR tracks are full of extremeclimbing sections, extremely fast drops, sky-scraping peaks andgut-wrenching curves. Experience just how nasty gravity can get!The amusement ride will take you into the land of the dinosaurswhere they roam. Your ears will experience real dinosaur growlsfirst hand!✔ Cool Features and Updates+ Plenty of dinosaurs present on the Rollercoaster trackitself.+ Rollercoaster is now extremely fast and exciting.+ Crisp and Cinema like HD visuals+ A brand new Rollercoaster track with loops and dives nowadded.+ The retuned physics engine of the game will create the mostthrilling deadly rides of your life.+ Intuitive and immediately accessible game+ Enjoy its stunning features.+ Realistic mobile friendly graphics+ Play it anywhere, anytime+ Realistic physics+ Dynamic sound effects of real dinosaurs to keep the youentertained.+ Compatible with virtual reality glasses such as Google CardboardGlasses, 4DUD Headset etc.+ Developed for high end phones which have Gyroscopes.Experience the real life sensation of Real DinosaurRollercoaster in VR by wearing Google Cardboard Glasses 4DUD Virtual Reality Headset
Run in Dubai - 3D Adventures 1.2
The game starts when our Hero John and hisbrother who work together as security officers in a huge warehouseaccidently enoverhear their boss planning a kidnap for ransom of afamous and fairly wealthy business tycoon’s only daughter. Whileattempting to flee from the scene unnoticed, a carton falls down onthe floor alerting the criminals of their presence. What ensuesafterwards is an interesting chase down the Dubai City roads. Johnis running for his dear life while his boss’s accomplices andgunmen are right behind his tail trying to capture or kill thewitness. Now its up to our hero to run as fast as he can on the Inan increasingly perilous roads evading capture and at the same timeavoiding other hurdles and roadblocks erected on the roads by theauthorities for different construction activities going on. Whatmakes the game so good is that it is simple in its gameplay, yetalso diverse. Power-ups make the game interesting. This gamedelivers stunning graphics and more challenging gameplay. Powerups,utilities, and controls remain the same i.e swipe up and downcontrols. Jump over and slide under obstacles that include barrelsof water, concrete dividers, tyres and security barriers andvehicles that are no longer on their wheels. This endless game iswill bring you many hours of enjoyment.How to Play:- During the game you have to keep clear of unexpected obstacleson the road ahead.- Run in Dubai is an endless running, Temple Run-style game forAndroid phones in which your mission is to run as far you canwithout falling over.- Your character automatically runs and you must jump, duck andswerve out of the way of obstacles using touch gestures to keepgoing.- CollectGame Features:- Incredibly fun, just one more time, endless game play!- Simple swipe up and down controls that are easy to use and justfeel right- Simple to play- Addictive- Ability to bring your self back to life once you have collected100 or more- Fast-paced, innovative and challenging game-play.- Vivid background music is in harmony with the game!- Option of choosing between two male characters i.e John and hisbrother.
Race 3D Unleashed - Car Racing 1.0
Burn up the streets & highways withthefastest and most furious racing action in fast highway carracingstoday!!Race 3D Unleashed combines collection of cool stunning realracingcars, high fidelity graphics of highways, with addictivegameplaythat will have you swerving through oncoming traffic,collectingpower-ups, and knocking other highway racers off theroad.The Game takes this turbo car racing to new heights withstunninggraphics, new game modes, extra features, addictiveexciting fullthrottle missions.Race in 4 different real tracks like Sea View, ThirstyDesert,Animal Jungle, Stormy Night view with cloudy, rainy,sunnyenvironment and other exciting mind blowing locations!Earn Points to unlock new ultimate crazy extreme real racingcarsand environments. Use NOSS to boost your car speed. RaceUnleashedis an immersive, high-quality real car racing game.Brilliant HD graphics in a artistic visually stunning3Dexperience. High-end car racing drifting cars outrunning eachother6 high-performance simulation cars with heavy turbines andparts.Race and chase hot cars.Key Features- Smooth and realistic car handling- Detailed & stunning environment- Adventurous ride- Different Tracks are available- Different crazy extreme cars to choose from: sportcars,roadsters, muscle cars!- Realistic game play- Breathtaking visuals and amazing tracks- Earn cash to unlock cars & tracksGameplay- Tilt to steer- Touch brake button to slow down- Buy better cars to have better handlingHave fun with your car... in this crazy car highwayracingaction.... You will love to play and will addicted onceyouinstalled it...
Smart Boxing 3D 1.0
Smart-Boxing is a combat boxing game, in whichyou have to fight with other boxers … you have to defeat them to gofurther… just select a player and an opponent and play boxing.How to Play:- Select an opponent from Opponent Selection- Start fight by punching rights & lefts- Navigate buttons to punch the other boxer- When you win... go back to main menu- Go to Skill Shop to update your boxer skills and go fightagain- You can also choose the ring-environmentGame Modes:Practice mode: In which you can learn the smart boxing. Skill upyourself for boxing game.Arcade Mode: It’s a Gameplay mode, in which you should defendyourself from your opponent and try to knock your competitor. Punchyour opponent on his head to make him unconscious then the victoryis yours.Game Features:- Fully 3d environment- Amusing Graphics and sounds- Better player Controller- Better camera motion- Rules of Combat fight included- Multiple character/players to select- Audience cheering and clapping added- 4-Fighting fight arenas added- 5-opponent to select
Death Underground Racing 1.3
In dark city, a deadly underground car racingis going on. The cars are equipped with machine guns & rocketlaunchers. 5 cars of different models take part in single deadlycar racing arena. The opponent at back have liberty to open fire onthe car going on the front... he can use machine guns or rocketlauncher which ever is available to make front car destroy or makeits speed slow.Today again this death underground car racing will going tostart in deadly underground severage lines near the city boundary.This time 5 armed car drivers will be participating in the race andchallenge each for the deadly car racing event.Game PlayDeath Race Mode:+ There will be four laps in Death Race mode+ Five cars will participate+ First Lap will be simple racing+ In Second Lap Machine Guns will be activated+ In Third Lap Rocket Launchers will be activated+ The drivers are free to shoot at will to opponent cars+ The driver who completes all four laps and scores first will bewinnerSprint Mode:+ There will be single lap+ Five cars will be participating but without guns &rockets+ They have to beat others to take the first position and tocomplete the lapTime Attack Mode:+ There will time ticking+ You have to complete the entire lap within the given time+ Make your best time scores to challenge your friendsGame Controls:+ Tilt your device to & fro to steer the wheel left &right+ Push the car by clicking turbo nozz button+ Click Fire button to open fire when activated+ Click Rocket button to fire rockets when activated+ Beat other cars to winGame Features:+ Realistic and impressive graphics!+ Real sounds of Machine Gun & Rockets+ Smooth navigation+ Give push to car with turbo nozz+ Click buttons to fire rockets+ Survive 4 deadly laps and beat cars to winWelcome to the deadly car racing experience for everyone,everywhere.
City Gangster Shooting 1.1
** HEADSHOTS, GANGSTER SHOOTING, ANDMORE!**** AWESOME FPS SHOOTER ACTION PACKED GAME! **You just got of jail, spending years in the slammer of thecitycounty prison. You have two choices to; make living asgentleman ortake revenge from the city real gangsters. The streetsof city arefull of gangsters and other low life scum. Dive into thegangwarfare and eliminate the Gang lords who made you suffer forsomany years.City Gangster Shooting is the first person shooting gamewhereyou go on missions to eliminate the CITY GANGSTERS.Objective is to strike terror in city crime city. Strike withyourskills & weapons to kill all the GANGSTERS.In this action packed shooting thriller game, you will earnmoreby killing more enemies.So just aim at your enemy and keep shooting.Buy amazing guns to perform better, and for more ACTION.GAMEPLAY:Battle through your way till the end, it’s a war against alltheodds come across while reaching to the destinationCOOL FEATURES:+ FREE to Play!+ It is a First Person Shooter mania+ Wide variety of GUNS+ Zoom in/Out Features+ Easy Touch, Drag and Shoot Game play+ Reload your ammo, target and play+ Impressive Level Design!
Learn to Fight - Self Defense 1.4
Learn to Fight - Self Defense 3D covers everyaspect of combat fight self defense training. Every issue is packedwith different 3D animations of punches, kicks, Block, Elbow,headbutt and more... all focused on making you fitter, faster,stronger, better in fight.Kicks in Head/Chest:Kick 1 - Reverse Flying Hook KickKick 2 - Full stretched kick to headKick 3 - Spinning Round Kick in HeadKick 4 - Mid Round Kick to GutsKick 5 - High Round Kick in HeadKick 6 - Right Uppercut Knee in RibsKick 7 - Spin Hook Kick in HeadKick 8 - Mid Round Kick in GutsKick 9 - Push Kick to ChestHead in Chest/HeadHead - Headbutt in Head or ChestPunches in Head/Guts/Chest:Punch 1 - Right Straight Punch to HeadPunch 2 - Left Short PunchPunch 3 - Full Right Arm stretch punch on headPunch 4 - Right Uppercut Punch to StomachPunch 5 - Left Uppercut Punch to HeadElbows in Head:Elbow 1 - Right Hook Elbow to headElbow 2 - Right Reverse Elbow to headBlocks/Defense to Protect Head & ChestBlock 1 - Front high center block to protect HeadBlock 2 - Front Mid Center to protect ChestCombo 3D AnimationsUser can make his/her own combination of shots With Combo 3DAnimation including combination of different animations. User canselect 5 animations of his/her choice and play.How Guide Works:1- Can view action in slow and fast motion by setting animation barat left2- Can Zoom in & Zoom Out Character according to yourcomfort3- View Character 3D animation in complete 360 degrees4- Make your own combination of fight actions in Combo section
Zombies Hand Fight 3D 1.1
Derek Galloway is a retired U.S navy sealserviceman; who is now living a peaceful and happy life with hisbeautiful wife Julia. One day when he comes home; his world turnedupside down and his vision got blurred by what lay ahead of him.His wife Julia was lying dead in her own pool of blood with herflesh torn to shreds and her body half eaten.Derek now realized why he didn’t come across people on the streetson his way back home and the town looked desolate and deserted. Adeadly nerve agent Minoz-Z has accidentally been released into theair from a nearby top secret government research lab. The deadlyvirus wiped out the whole population of the small community and hadturned them into flesh devouring Zombies.Upon reaching New York City, he is quickly recruited by theFBI’s to return to the deserted and zombie infested city forseeking any survivors left in the city.The game is fun to play alone, with a lengthy and excitingsingle-player campaign. This best zombie survival game shouldsatisfy your need for experiencing some frantic scenarios involvingthe undead.How To Play:- Smooth Navigation- Tap Run button to run and tap punch button to fight- A one button kick-punch fighting system- Resucue traped human survivors in the areaGame Features:- Zombies Hand Fight is pure hand combat with zombies- It’s an action-packed game filled to the brim with enjoyablesurvival elements.- It has some brilliant content packed in it- Lively visuals- Diverse and incredibly enjoyable gameplay.- Pure open world zombie madness- Large scale zombie hand combat battles- A horror-themed first-person combat game- Gripping and detailed environment- Gorgeous graphics
Archer Forest Action 1.2
Archer Forest Action is a challenging medievalarcher shooting game where your goal is to kill the king’s enemiesby hitting them with a bow and arrow. It’s not as easy as it soundsthough, because the targets are at different distances and you haveto contend with their arrows coming towards you. This game is allabout judgement and accuracy. It is also a good game to helpdevelop good hand-eye coordination as well as challenging yourdepth perception abilities as you try to master the noble traditionof archery. How much time can you survive? Use skill, each shot maybe your last.How To Play:- Touch anywhere on the left of the touchscreen to move- Point the crosshair aim on your opponent to aim- Tap the crossbow button to shoot arrows- Hold down telescope icon to measure range and distanceFeatures:- Enthralling dynamic gameplay- Enjoyable soundtrack- Extremely dynamic, enrapturing gameplay- Impressive special effects- Delivers great realistic 3D graphics- Realistic game play
Highway VR Car - Cardboard 1.6
Do you want a luxury car ride on roads movingaround mountains and sea? Roads going under mountain caves &bridges over sea?Here comes a special Mountain Luxury Car drive for you...experience yourself riding in luxury car driving on roads goingaround big mountains crosses Light House, filling stations,over-taking different cars on road ... using Google CardboardglassesHow to set things:+ Play the demo on your smartphone+ Put the Smartphone in Google cardboard glasses housing+ Align your phone in center+ Check for blurriness... rotate lens for proper focus+ Wear your Google glasses and enjoy luxury driveModes of Demo:There are 2 modes to view the demo1- VR Mode (requires Google Cardboard Glasses)2- Single ViewSensorsThere are 2 controllers to view the demmo1- With Gyroscope (Requires Gyroscope Sensor in your device)2- Touch Swipe (If you donot have Gyroscope Sensor... switch toTouch Swipe Option ... now you can enjoy the demo with touch &swipe) - Works for Signle ViewMovement Controls:+ Enjoy luxury Mountain auto drive and explore thesurroundings+ Look around from car windows as you look around sitting in yourown luxry car- Give it a try, it is your call!Key Features:+ Amazingly view of Mountain view in virtual reality+ Realistic sounds+ Awesome luxury car drive gives you pleasure of going throughroads, in the tunnels, on the bridges over the sea, crosing fillingstations & light House+ Easy control, just look around and enjoy+ Unique virtual reality (VR) theme park simulator+ Compatible with virtual reality glasses such as Google CardboardVR
Highway Stunt Bike Riders 2.0
Highway Stunt Bike Rider is a fast paced bikeracing game. In which, you being daring and passing cars closely,and making stunts with your motorcycle by increasing speed forgetting scores. Be careful with your maneuvering though, crashinginto cars will hurt!You never dare a bike race so fast in the real world! Controlyour motorcycle with incredible fast speed during traffic rushtime! Tap turbo boost to increase your bike speed.Now added new features such as Kick, Punches & fire... kick& punch opponent bikers... open fire to upcoming traffic cars& trucks... also shoot opponent bikers to get cash..How to Play- Select your ride from Super bikes or Choppers- Tilt to Steer your Motorcycle- Drive close to Cars and tap stunt button to make stunts- The more closer stunt will be when passing car will resultcash- Click kick & punch button to kick & punch opponentbikers- Open fire to up-coming cars & trucks to get cash whileracing- Boost speed by press & hold turbo boost button at rightbottom- Spend your cash for unlocking new bikes- Pick upcoming Ammunition to fill your ammunition- Pick NOS to fill your NOS cylinder- Challenge your friends for the Ultimate bike race experienceGame Features- A collection of 10 awesome Super Bikes & Choppers- Smooth controls- Use turbo boosts to go very fast- Excellent sounds & graphics- Beautiful desert highway- An exciting bike race & stunts experienceEnjoy exciting highway bike race with realistic motorcyclephysics and amazing graphics that are perfectly optimized fortablets and high-resolution devices.
Dead Zombies Underworld 1.1
A wave of zombies is rapidly increasing worldwide... every one is becoming monster and attacking un-effectedhumans. You are one of the survivors who didn't turned in to zombieyet... is trapped in underground water sewers... and high risk ofzombies invasion.Dead Zombies underworld looks to offer a bit. You have to movearound to locate zombies around; be allert Zombies can come fromall the sides may be from front, back, both sides or every side....your radar will be a helpful tool for detecting the incoming bloodthirsty zombies waves.Game Play:- Move around with the joystick to locate incoming zombies- Use Radar to detect weather blood thirsty zombies coming fromyour front, back or sides- Aim zombie and shoot- Each Zombie kill will give you cash from which you can buy weaponof your choice- You can switch purchased guns while playingGame Features:- Dead Zombies underworld is pure horror-themed first-personshooting game- Diverse and incredibly enjoyable gameplay.- It’s an action-packed game filled to the brim with enjoyablesurvival elements.- It has some brilliant content packed in it- Lively visuals- Pure open world madness- Large scale zombies attacking from all sides- Gorgeous graphics
Rope Crossing Adventure VR 1.4
Walking on a tightrope with a bar isathrillingand exciting experienceTake the walk of your life feeling the tension of theropeunderyour feet when your heart starts to beat even fasterwhencrossingover wild animals, volcano, buildings &DeathValley.The Rope Crossing Adventure VR is a breathtakingtightropesimulatorthat puts you directly into one of the mostdangerousactivitiesknown. Just hold your breath and start the walksoverthe skies!Just imagine that you are a tightrope walker walking onaroperesisting the winds which are pushing you left or right tomakeyoufall.It will be entirely different experience when youwearGoogleCardboard glasses or VR Headset and start walkingonatightrope.How to set things:+ Start the game on your smartphone+ Put the Smartphone VR Glasses like 4DUD, Google Cardboard+ Align your phone in center+ Check for blurriness... rotate lens for proper focus+ Wear your Google glasses and enjoy the Rope CrossingAdventureinVRMovement Controls:+ Maintain your balance by tilting head left or right+ Resist winds by tilting head either side+ can also look around to view the environmentGamePlay:Select any scene from the 4 scenes and enjoy the thrillinVRexperience:1- Over wild animal cages2- Over City Buildings3- Over live volcano4- Over Death ValleyGame Features:+ Amazingly detailed 3D environments+ Easy controls just tilt head left or righttomaintainbalance+ A unique virtual reality (VR) experience+ Compatible with virtual reality glasses such as4DUD,GoogleCardboard VR+ Crisp, Cinema like, HD visuals+ Developed for high end phones which have Gyro Sensor+ Cover the distance as much as you canCover the distance as much as you can and challengeyourfriendsto beat it....Become a Tightrope Master by crossing theentireropesuccessfully.This demo is compatible with 4DUD VR Glasses,GoogleCardboard,Durovis Dive, Vrase, Samsung Gear VR, Carl Zeiss VRone,Archos /Colorcross and other DIY Oculus Rift, HTC ViveorMicrosoftHololens etc.Caution: While using any VR headset, you need to holdontosomething as it does take over your senses. It’s easyforsomeoneto fall over.
HeliCity VR 1.4
The world's most powerful combat gunshiphelicopter is at your fingertips.Become a gunship helicopter pilot and engage in combat missionsby locking enemy helicopters and fire around the city.HELICITY VR is a helicopter action simulation game that combinesstunning 3D graphics with flight control simulation... an amazingexperience in VR.How to set things:+ Start the game on your smartphone+ Put the Smartphone VR Glasses like 4DUD, Google Cardboard+ Align your phone in center+ Check for blurriness... rotate lens for proper focus+ Wear your Google glasses and enjoy the HeliCity in VRMovement Controls:+ Look around the city for enemy helicopters+ Lock the target by constantly looking to enemy helicopter to 5seconds+ When the enemy helicopter is locked auto firing will startGamePlay:Look around the city and locate the enemy helicoptersYou have to make your best by hitting as many helicopters as youcan in in-coming helicopter waves.Game Features:+ Amazingly detailed city environments+ Easy controls just look around to locate the enemyhelicopters+ keep focus on enemy helicopter for 5 seconds to lock+ Stunning helicopter movement animations+ A unique virtual reality (VR) experience+ Compatible with virtual reality glasses such as 4DUD, GoogleCardboard VR+ Crisp, Cinema like, HD visuals+ Developed for high end phones which have Gyro Sensor+ Cover the distance as much as you canThis demo is compatible with 4DUD VR Glasses, Google Cardboard,Durovis Dive, Vrase, Samsung Gear VR, Carl Zeiss VR one, Archos /Colorcross and other DIY Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or MicrosoftHololens etc.Caution: While using any VR headset, you need to hold on tosomething as it does take over your senses. It’s easy for someoneto fall over.
The Maze Adventure VR 1.4
Race through a desolate maze and pass theultimate test of survival!Navigate through the maze way path dodging deadly obstacles mainlythe zombies!The Maze Adventure VR is a running game that puts you directlyinto the most dangerous places where no one goes. Just hold yourbreath and start the running in the maze for seeking the wayout!Just imagine that you are lost in the maze and zombies invade…then what will you do…It will be entirely different experience when you wear GoogleCardboard glasses or VR Headset and start searching for the wayout..How to set things:+ Start the game on your smartphone+ Put the Smartphone VR Glasses like 4DUD, Google Cardboard+ Align your phone in center+ Check for blurriness... rotate lens for proper focus+ Wear your Google glasses and enjoy Maze Adventure VRMovement Controls:+ Look around to view the maze walls+ To move in the path just focus the path entrance …GamePlay:+ Be-aware of blood thirsty zombies+ Run and search the exit door to complete the maze levelGame Features:+ Amazingly detailed 3D environments+ Easy controls just look and move through the maze path+ A unique virtual reality (VR) experience+ Dust particles in air which looks awesome in VR+ Compatible with virtual reality glasses such as 4DUD, GoogleCardboard VR+ Developed for high end phones which have Gyro SensorThis demo is compatible with 4DUD VR Glasses, Google Cardboard,Durovis Dive, Vrase, Samsung Gear VR, Carl Zeiss VR one, Archos /Colorcross and other DIY Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or MicrosoftHololens etc.Caution: While using any VR headset, you need to hold on tosomething as it does take over your senses. It’s easy for someoneto fall over.
Heli Dog Fight Chase : Gunship 1.0
Ride the Most Advanced Stealthgunshiphelicopters and tear through your opponents. AdvancedCombatOptions make this the best. Enemy has attacked with theirfullyloaded military helicopters. It’s time to show the best everair toair counter attack. Your mission is to destroy valuableenemygunship helicopters which are equipped with heavy gunsandmissiles. Challenge your strategy thinking, fire aiming,shooting,and dodging skills. Destroy as much as enemy helicopters.Ultimatedefense 3d shooting mission based action game with extremeshootdown in various warfare zones. As a front-line commandopilotlaunch attack on enemy’s deadly gunship helicopters. Take partinadvanced dogfight missions. Hunt down enemies advancestealthhelicopters to win the battlefield for your country pride.How to play- Tilt device to turn left and right to move gunship heli leftandright.- Tap on bullets icon to fire bullets present right bottom- Tap camera icon to change view present at the top- Tap on missile icon to fire missiles button is provided justabovefire button.- Tap on calibrate icon to calibrateFeatures:- Top offline gunship battle shooting as well as chasinggame.- Excellent helicopter physics implemented.- Supports all android devices.- Realistic 3d graphics with dynamic lighting andamazingdestruction effects.- Multiple advance gunship helicopters.- Brutal Action now on your smart mobiles- User friendly GUI and controls.- Real Military Environment looks like real movies relatedtowar.- game with Good quality sound effects.- Efficient weapon controls & movement.- Best downloading gunship shoot war game in gaming world.
Dead Zombies Survival VR 1.3
Attack of Zombies!!!! The city is attackedwith a vicious biological virus that turned the humans intozombies.You need to be a BRAVE SOLDIER like a MARINE COMMANDO in thiszombie assault vr battle and take the charge of the city back. Spotzombies around and kill them donot kill survivors - just pull thetrigger, kill them all.You have the ammunition and of course the skills to shoot thezombies. Head shots are best to kill more zombies in less time withmore accuracy. An action packed thriller for boys to lead soldiersand defend the pride of the army and get the control of city back.DON’T let the city turns into the dead people.How to set things:+ Start the game on your smartphone+ Put the Smartphone VR Glasses like 4DUD, Google Cardboard+ Align your phone in center+ Check for blurriness... rotate lens for proper focus+ Wear your Google glasses and enjoy the Dead Zombies Survival inVRMovement Controls:+ Look around in 360 to locate zombies+ Focus to lock the zombie for auto fire+ Kill all zombies to proceed to next waveGamePlay:Dead Zombies Survival VR looks to offer a bit of variety with itsemphasis on full body 360 move around, accelerometer featured,pattern memorization, and precision. You just have to locate andaim zombies around coming to you from all the sides front, back,both sides.... and that’s all....Game Features:+ Dead Zombies Survival VR is pure physical movement game+ A horror-themed FPS (First Person Shooting) game+ It’s an action-packed game filled to the brim with enjoyablesurvival elements.+ It has some brilliant content packed in it+ Lively visuals+ Diverse and incredibly enjoyable gameplay.+ Pure open world madness+ Large scale zombies attacking from all sides+ Gripping and detailed environmentThis demo is compatible with 4DUD VR Glasses, Google Cardboard,Durovis Dive, Vrase, Samsung Gear VR, Carl Zeiss VR one, Archos /Colorcross and other DIY Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or MicrosoftHololens etc.Caution: While using any VR headset, you need to hold on tosomething as it does take over your senses. It’s easy for someoneto fall over.
Smart Drone VR 1.1
***GAMEPAD REQUIRED***Tired of doing the same old home chores again and again? The newage has brought to us many gadgets and devices, which make ourlives easier and getting through our daily routine is a simplertask than it has ever been in the past. One such gadget is the newSmart Drone.Experience the thrill of controlling a Smart Drone in this easyand straightforward VR app. Complete your chores while sittingcomfortably at your TV lounge and watching your favorite TVchannel. Learn how to use the latest that technology has to offerto make your life easier.How to Play:- Connect Gamepad via Bluetooth- Select a level to play- Fly drone in search to collect the required object- When you reach to the object place... lower down the drone topick the object- Now move the drone the drop zone- On reaching the dropzone click button to release the object- On successful drop level will be completeCamera Mode:There are 3 camera modes1- First person camera2- Third Person camera3- On Ground cameraGamepad ControlsGame required - Game will not play without gamepadFor Gamepad controls please see help in the gameGame Features:- Realistic Smart drone controls- Challenging tasks- Time pressure- High quality textures- A completely modern and functional luxury apartment setting- Realistic Smart Drone mechanics- Optimized controls for VR and Android Single Joystick
Tagoo's Dream Adventure 3D 1.4
Tagoo a cute turtle... have to run as fast ashe can as he needs to be in friends house at time... collectingcoins & passing through different obstacles...The story ...Tagoo and his friend Cutto made a plan to watch a movie together inplanned time...On the movie day ... Tagoo is sleeping outside his house...suddenly wakes up and start running... he runs & runs throughdifferent path crossing his village collecting coins and passesthrough different tricky obstacles ... he needs to reach his friendin time as they planned to watch a movie together...Can Tagoo reach his friend in time....?How to Play:- Tagoo running on his path collecting coins- To pass through standing hurdles swipe up (on screen) with fingerto jump- To pass under the fallen trees swipe down (on screen) toslide- To halt & run press & release the (X) button- Dodge all upcoming hurdlesUpcoming Hurdles:- Standing Wood Fence- Coming Barrels- Fallen trees- Bridges on water- Moving Pendulum type Hurdle- and many more....Game Features:- Cute turtle running- Collect the coins as much as you can- Swipe up or down to jump or slide- Full 3D village environmentTo make this happen you as a player help Tagoo to reach in timeso that he and his friend enjoys the movie...
Real Squash Sports 3D 1.1
Do you have skills to to play Real SquashSports? If yes then play the popular indoor racket sport game:Squash Champ and prove your squash playing skills in this 3Dversion of Squash game by hitting ball against the wall in attemptto make your opponent miss rebound.Real Squash Sports is simple & ultimate mobile sportsexperience and addictive sports game based on realistic physics.Grab your racket and play against world top ranked Squash playingCountries.Tip for you: the center of the court is a very strategic place.Always keep an eye on the corners and you won’t miss any serve.Top Ranked Squash playing CountriesThe game includes 10 different opponents of different top rankingSquash playing countries1- Colombia2- Egypt3- France4- Germany5- Hong Kong6- Netherland7- South Africa8- Spain9- United Kingdom10- AustraliaGame Rules:- For service the ball must strike the front wall with in theservice area and lands on the floor; and pick up by opponentplayer- After the serve, the players take turns hitting the ball againstthe front wall with in the Playabel Area, above the Tin Area andbelow the Foul line.- A ball landing on either the out line or the line along the topof the tin is considered to be out.- After the ball hits the front wall, it is allowed to bounce onceon the floor before a player must return it.Game Play:- To start game enter your name- Select opponent country- Next opponent will be unlocked when winning game- The player who will score 11 points first will be winner
City Bus Driver - Simulation 1.0
City Bus Driver Simulation is the latestbussimulation in market which will offer you the chance to becomeareal City Bus Driver! Realistic maps, incredible vehiclewith real bus physics, wonderful interiors will make youfeellike driving a real bus! It's time to get the passengers onboardand drive the bus to complete all theroutes targeting the destinations of passengers!Gameplay:Drive bus with steering on rightAccelrate, Brake & reverse paddles on left screenPick the passengers on your way...The Bus Stop will be in green when there is passenger waitingforthe busThe bus stop will be red when destination of passengers comesThe direction towards passenger's destination can be found onthemap in orangeComplete the route within given timeWhen a route is successful, new route loadsEnjoy drivingGame Features:- Animated people entering/exiting the bus- Realistic environment- Steering Wheel, Accelrate, Brake & reverse paddles- Detailed Interiors- Intelligent Traffic System- Great Sounds- Awesome Bus driving challenges- Smooth controls and fun gameplay
Dialoogs - 3D Talking Videos 1.4
Dialoogs animated talking software providesexciting and innovative new tools that allow users to record theirmessages on to 3D characters bringing your characters to life! Withthis app you can record audio and automatically lip-synch tocharacters.Users can choose a character; they can choose a background ortake picture from a camera and use as background with pre-selectedsounds; they can have the character speak the dialogue recorded bythemselves.Features & How to Use:- Select your character… then select another character- Select background of your choice- You can even take a picture from camera and set asbackground- When done… tap and hold a character and start recording yourvoice…- When complete… tap & hold the second selected character andstart recording in your same or changed voice.- Do this process multiple times till you made all dialogues setfor each character.- Now play if you are done voice recording- If you see that the recording is not up to your satisfaction… useclear button to delete the already recording.- When you are satisfied … click recording button and record theplay- You can share this recording to the world by using Facebook,Twitter, You tube, email and Everyplay- Developed with Unity 3D engine & Everyplay Plugin- This app is language independent, record your voice either inEnglish, French, Spanish or Arabic
Skiing Adventure VR 1.2
Ski Adventure VR is a fast paced Xtreme Sportsgame, where you will have to complete various challenges to proveto the world that you are the best there is. Expect somehigh-octane speed with an unforgiving terrain and dangerousobstacles.There is no margin for error at the speed at which you will beskiing. You will have to avoid any obstacle that comes in your pathand battle the extreme conditions that are present on thisdangerous mountains.How to play:- Have to achive the objectives- The objectives can be - covering the distance or catching theflags...- Beware of upcoming pine trees and stones... which will effectyour healthKEY FEATURES:- Optimized controls for the best VR experience- Extreme weather conditions- Full body awareness, so the player character reacts to your headmovements
VR App Store 1.1
Welcome to the one and only original SuiteofVR Games & Demo Collection.An all in one, Virtual Reality application that lets you chooseandinstall your favorite game from a variety of differentgenresincluding:- Adventure! Lace your boots and get ready to go on an epicVRAdventure Games.- Thriller! A set of exciting VR Thriller Games. Switch yourfiststo battle mode and clash with your enemies.- Simulators! VR simulator games are great for people who enjoyroadgames, endless running games and driving games.- Fantasy & SciFi! Go into a fantasy world and learn how tolivewith dragons, dinosaurs and various other VR fantasy gamecreaturesand also some SciFi discoveries.- Virtual Tours! Get into the age of the Jurassic Creatures ortakego skiing through rough terrains in the VR Virtual Tours!- Shooting Games! Go to war and a perfect shot will be requiredtokill your enemies! VR shooting games is as close to reality asyoucan get.- Racing Games! Nothing more like the battle of wheels in VRRacingGames. Test your skills against your Rivals, and climb to thetopof the hill as you battle for position..The ultimate VR experience awaits you! All games have theFUNfactor that you always wanted out of VR games. All you need areVRglasses like Google Cardboard, 4DUD or VR box and you are allsetto play these games.Watch out as more are coming your way! Join the VRgamingrevolution and be the first to feel what the VR industry hastooffer!